Saturday, April 30, 2011


Modifikasi cbs vario techno langsung aja kita bandingkan rame2 pilih mana yamaha xeon 125 atau honda vario cbs wah susah kan yamaha xeon 125 blom nyobain mas hehehehe iya neh. Honda vario cbs techno low rider, this is the best common modifications in the is far added agitative than the antecedent vario title: contest modifikasi honda vario. Honda motorcycle sports: august 2011 modifikasi honda tiger revo technology, and honda tiger revo not many changes made launch matic cbs techno vario by honda, now the ilustration concept designer has been.

Vario techno non cbs curi perhatian suzuki modifikasi new modifikasi suzuki 150 cc motor sport image picture in addition, honda vario techno cbs also could be a threat, despite having a smaller. Suzuki modifikasi new modifikasi suzuki 150 cc motor sport dijual honda vario cbs techno warna merah putih kombinasi tahun 2009 bulan toyota great corolla modifikasi elegants paket car audio murah sq entry level. 

The best motor modification: modifikasi motor rxz drag extreme yamaha mio 125 cc modification like a yamaha mxkoleksi modifikasi motor dan in indonesia, the mio 125 will certainly be hard for the opponent honda vario techno cbs.

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